PooPaint, toilet paper lets toddlers make art with their poop.

Toddlers have a hard time getting out of their diapers.
Many have a hard time making the connection between pooping and going to the toilet.
Inspiration found in a bathroom stall!
PooPaint allows kids to wipe using toilet paper that feels as if they were playing with a colouring book.
Making potty time into a positive and fun experience!


Aya Nakata

KleurCo. CCO
Lohas Kids Center Clover principal

With our concept  “Grow locally, learn socially, inspire through art, and  contribute to the community ”, We run a kindergarten to care for and raise children to be spontaneous through an original educational program.

From this unique point of view, we invented PooPaint for dads and moms who struggle with toilet training.

Prior to the launch  we had a workshop with the kids that combined drawing and toilet training. The children were delighted by the seven cute characters drawn on Poopaint. We have now installed it in our bathrooms and kids who didn’t like potty time now go there  excitedly on their own.
We hope to create an opportunity for parents to think more about education and better toilet training.

You can download the original PooPaint colouring page that was used in our workshop from the link below so now your family can also enjoy toilet training at home.




Is the ink harmful?

Not at all! The ink is the same ink used for food wrapping, and so it is not toxic and does not stick onto the skin.

Is it only for children?

This product is created for children.
However, adults also enjoy it.

How can I buy it?

You can buy Poopaint on the purchase page above in this website


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All Profits for this product will be used for project PooPaint to support new ways of toilet training.

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